First Jewish Chronicle article

This is my father’s first article in The Jewish Chronicle. At least, it is the first one in the cuttings book in which he preserved his published articles and reviews. He noted that he was paid three guineas for it.

I have uploaded it in this post as a pdf file from the JC archives which may take a little while to open.

It summarises some of the key points he makes at greater length in Mumme Loohshen – an Anatomy of the Yiddish Language I note he used a different transcription in the article, namely mamme lushen.


Zchug – Israel’s pungent Yemenite chilli sauce

I have now removed zchug from the URL for my blog about my father’s writings. I chose zchug originally as a nom de web for posting comments to various sites. I wanted a short Hebrew word, something quintessentially, yet relatively obscurely, Israeli.

On a whimsical level, I felt it alluded to my Zionist views. That is, strongly supporting Israel – despairing at the inverted logic and morality that would appease Arab/Muslim violence at the expense of the Jewish homeland. Recognising the Sephardi/Arab piquancy that permeates the country. The strength (and occasionally, yes, pungency) that is needed to withstand the onslaughts that, in the final and simplest analysis, have jihadi roots.

And, I like zchug. First encountered in Yossi’s wonderful tiny pancake and malawah cafe along Golders Green Road. Then in home cooking in Rosh HaAyin. And for many years now a useful ingredient in my Ashkenazi-deli/greasy spoon /pan-Asiatic cooking repertoire – that is, throwing together whatever is to hand to make a composite of some sort.

I’ll occasionally post my musings (from Israel to real ale perhaps via Sendai, London and elsewhere) under this sub-menu.