Zchug – Israel’s pungent Yemenite chilli sauce

I have now removed zchug from the URL for my blog about my father’s writings. I chose zchug originally as a nom de web for posting comments to various sites. I wanted a short Hebrew word, something quintessentially, yet relatively obscurely, Israeli.

On a whimsical level, I felt it alluded to my Zionist views. That is, strongly supporting Israel – despairing at the inverted logic and morality that would appease Arab/Muslim violence at the expense of the Jewish homeland. Recognising the Sephardi/Arab piquancy that permeates the country. The strength (and occasionally, yes, pungency) that is needed to withstand the onslaughts that, in the final and simplest analysis, have jihadi roots.

And, I like zchug. First encountered in Yossi’s wonderful tiny pancake and malawah cafe along Golders Green Road. Then in home cooking in Rosh HaAyin. And for many years now a useful ingredient in my Ashkenazi-deli/greasy spoon /pan-Asiatic cooking repertoire – that is, throwing together whatever is to hand to make a composite of some sort.

I’ll occasionally post my musings (from Israel to real ale perhaps via Sendai, London and elsewhere) under this sub-menu.


2 thoughts on “Zchug – Israel’s pungent Yemenite chilli sauce

  1. That’s enough explanation of the title of your blog – how about some good old-fashioned blogging to get our teeth into?

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