The Young Tchernichovski

Published in The Jewish Chronicle of September 25, 1953, this article, on The Young Tchernichovski,  by my father is an example of his erudition and philological expertise.

The Israeli “hymn” referred to in the article is still part of the Israeli dancing repertoire usually, dafka, in an instrumental version. Just as dafkaesque, Rav Youtube’s seemingly unique video for this Zionist anthem (albeit with its “universalist aspirations”) features an Arab-Jewish choir. Dayan Google also led me to this version of the song which however schmaltzy is somewhat more appropriate.

As mentioned before, for technical reasons –  foremost of which being my technical inexpertise – the link is to a pdf file which may require some manipulation (zooming etc) in order to read satisfactorily.


The Hebrew of the Bible

This is the link to an article for The Jewish Chronicle dated September 12, 1947, The Hebrew of The Bible.

It opens, possibly somewhat lethargically, as a pdf file and may need manipulation to read clearly. He notes in his cuttings scrapbook that he was paid three guineas. Based on his preserved cuttings, this was his second published JC article, the first being an article on Yiddish, the previous post on this site.