Who is a Jew?

Here is the link to the article  Who is a Jew? published in The Jewish Chronicle, 15th May 1959.

From my father’s Journal dated 3rd May:

I gained second prize – 25 guineas – in the J.C. Essay Competition. They rang up for me to give them some dope, and a photograph, for their “Incidentally” column. Rather depressing to think this is the nearest to fame I shall ever get. The essay itself was a feeble affair; the lucid analysis, firm grasp of all the problems raised, are conspicuously absent. A few Hebrew and Yiddish phrases and – perhaps it is not unfair to say – a general readability – gained it the prize, I suppose.

He told The Jewish Chronicle’s diarist that, at present,

my translation work and eleven-week-old son, Philip Israel, occupy all my time.

The diary piece also referred to his many “scholarly and witty articles” for the paper and that he was involved in the Ajex out-door speaking campaign sponsored by the Defence Committee of The Board of Deputies.

Twenty-one years later, in what I think was his sole appearance in The Times Letters To The Editor page, he gave a terse rejoinder to a letter from Leo Abse, both published under the heading of Who is a Jew?

The winner of The Jewish Chronicle competition, incidentally, was Rabbi Ira Eisenstein a major figure in the Reconstructionist movement of American Judaism.


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