Sketches by Edith, Words by Joseph

“The Spring Bride”, a 24 page supplement published with The Jewish Chronicle of March 4, 1960 included Letter to a Baal Simcha by my father.

In his cuttings book he added a note:

13/3/59.  I was asked to do “an article in lighter vein” on “Mechutanship” or “On Being a Mechutan” for a J.C. “Brides and Homes” supplement. This was the best I could do. The best thing I can say in favour is that the whole process from insemination to parturition [did my very recent birth influence his choice of metaphor!?] took only a week or so; the actual writing of the first draft only a few hours. Edith’s sketches, too, took only an hour or so; though rejected for publication they stay here [i.e. in his cuttings book] to testify to a happy collaboration.

My mother’s sketches for the wedding article

In 1951, my father had written an article on Machmanship for The JC. Clearly the paper by now had him down as Anglo-Jewry’s Stephen Potter.