Gaby’s, shmabys – WTF? *

I’m riled by the hypocrisy of Israeli-bashing lefties and luvvies campaigning to save Gaby’s Deli. Note that it has to hide any connection to Israel in part because of the climate of hatred towards the Jewish state fostered by such “lovers of Gaby’s” as Ken Livingstone and Vanessa Redgrave.

That is similarly the situation at Maoz, a chain that can be found in the heart of gay Soho as well as in other “liberal” cities. It does excellently authentic Israeli falafel as good as anything to be found in Israeli restaurants in areas such as Golders Green.  Yet it can have nothing to tell you that its founders and core cuisine are Israeli. One can dismiss the comment in this article which asserts it was for marketing reasons only. Their website even explains that Maoz comes from the term from courage without mentioning the language concerned (hint – it’s not Arabic).

And however individual a place Gaby’s might be it certainly does not warrant this absurdly flattering review in The Telegraph. The wonderful Chas Newkey-Burden recommends two genuinely kosher (Gaby’s is described in that review and elsewhere, wholly erroneously,as kosher) West End(ish) restaurants, the vintage Reubens and the new kid Deli West One.

* (What’s This Falafel)