Joseph Witriol’s Journal – Part 29: Ha! Pah! Bazaar

Sunday, November 23rd 1958, 3.50pm

A dies something-or-other to-day – no religion school, so I had a lie-in. The NLJC [New Liberal Jewish Congregation] used their shool for their annual bazaar. Autre temps, les mêmes moeurs  – Mrs Price, our new deputy-head (vice Mrs Hood, retired but now teaching half-time with us) spoke to the kids at assembly, about justifiable anger, and instanced Jesus’s driving out of the money-changers from the Temple. I expect Rabbi K. of the NLJC, would justify the stalls and the restaurant in his “Temple” by saying that the ark was partitioned off, but I’m not sure that this is a valid justification. In Orthodox Jewish congregations (and, I suspect, in the “English” progressive congregations), you might find a secular building used for religious purposes, e.g., a cinema used as a shool, or a shool hall used for services, but not the other way round. However – In meinem Reiche kann jeder selig werden nach seiner – I’ve just checked, the correct quotation is: In meinem Staate kann jeder nach seiner Façon selig werden.

Anyway, went to the Bazaar yesterday. They really had put in a tremendous amount of work into the thing. We didn’t get any metsee’es [bargains], but I think Edith enjoyed the bright lights and the bustle. I don’t complain myself – it’s the sort of scene one ought to be able to write up – the large, black-chiffoned gnädige Frau adjusting her lorgnette to find the price of a vase, then consulting the Herr in charge ( who told her a price above that of a larger vase, quite clearly marked, of obviously the same quality.)

Edith, nebbech [“poor thing”], has flopped off in the armchair – she’s been on her feet since 10 a.m., preparing lunch, washing up,washing her hair. We leave about six for Dinmore House [in Hackney, where Edith’s mother and brother lived]. How do/did people ever find time to read? I can’t, and yet I have no public life of any kind; seldom attend lectures, shows, parties, visit (but all this is relative). I’ll stop hackin a tcheynikk. [Yiddish, “banging a teapot”, i.e going on and on.]


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