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Part 101: Tuesday 11th September 1962, 10.10 p.m.

Rentreé yesterday. Am now not merely No. 3 in the French hierarchy of Barnsbury Boys’ School, which I was last half, but No. 2 in the hierarchy of the Eden Grove French Dept. (whereas last half I was No. 1 at Eden Grove, vice Davis who had left for a post with an allowance elsewhere). Depressing — C—b —l says his allowance has come through, W—ch got his post with allowance last term at the school, Ch—n takes over at the Assembly this morning – he’s the chap who got the English post for which I put in. I keep on saying I must accept that I shall remain an ungraded teacher, and so what, I had been prepared for this when I started teaching, but it is depressing to have the same status as a girl or boy in their twenties – a lower status, often – too tired to write any more. Am burdened with Sam’s business accounts, trying to get E. to do them. Not fair on her, but I don’t want to “start” with Sam…. Must record the bare bones. Did a translation for Peter Janson-Smith of Rothenberg’s Biblical Archaeology… Valentine Mitchell sent me a Yiddish novel which has been translated into Danish(!) for me to report on. 500 large typescript pages! We took the kids out over the holiday to Derry & Toms (roof garden), more or less Lucullan meal, to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, grim al fresco catering (wooden spatulas for tea, salt in large beakers, rickety tables, litter strewn thick around, to Hampstead Heath, salt-beef fress. We survived – but it was a pretty exhausting business. We painted the kitchen – I ought to be able to make a novel out of that. New lino has been laid. Again, behind the simple statement of fact, the incredible travail: the journeys up West, the placing of an order with X, the countermanding of the order with X and the placing of the order with Y, the precursory ( if the word doesn’t exist, it should) shifting of the gas cooker… On diet again, weighed 14st. 6lb., I think yesterday, on the machine at Manor House station.
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